Hear Her Voice is iProspect’s robust and unique research initiative that takes a deep look at how women across different emerging markets are leveraging technological advancements to reinvent their career trajectory.

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Program Overview

  • 1

    Role Models Matter

    Having a mentor from a similar background is an excellent resource that should be leveraged.

  • 2

    Personal Skills Development is Critical

    Presentation, negotiation and sales skills are invaluable in the course of one’s business.

  • 3

    Networking Spurs Business Expansion

    Access to social and professional networks is a powerful enabler for business expansion.

  • 4

    Specific Goals Result in Positive Outcomes

    Clear, measureable goals allow business owners to effectively evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

"I want to be able to see women in leadership, and say that I identify with her. She looks like me, she sounds like me, if she could do it, I could do it too."

Program steps for business development

  • 1

    The business venture must be female founded.

  • 2

    Attend Female Foundry’s boot camp to develop your idea and pitch

  • 3

    Apply online (fill out the form)

  • 4

    Attend Female Foundry’s demo day where you will present your business case

  • 5

    You will be assigned a mentor to work with over the next six weeks

  • 6

    Grow your business and join Female Foundry’s global network of female founded businesses


We at the Female Foundry view our partners as an extension of our team who play an integral role in our development and growth. As a member of the Female Foundry Programme, your organization can contribute to the advancement of gender parity and empowerment of female entrepreneurs around the globe.